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Shared Stories

January 9, 2017
Shepherd Park Elementary School
7800 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20012

Walter Reed Dreams: Shared Stories will feature true stories about Walter Reed. Hear from Andre Carley, ANC 4B Commissioner who grew up near the campus and made Walter Reed his playground and John Pierce MD, a retired Colonel of the Medical Corps of the Army who worked on the campus and is now the Historian for the Walter Reed Society.

After hearing stories from Commissioner Carley and Dr. Pierce YOU will be invited to share your stories. We are collecting these stories to be used in multiple public art projects that will occur on the campus in Spring 2017, so hear a great story and share one of your own! Come remember, celebrate, and share “your” Walter Reed.

The stories, dreams, and insights captured from residents of Ward 4 will be highlighted by artistic experiences that will invite further community participation and moments for reflection. CulturalDC will host multiple events in Ward 4 leading up to a culminating community celebration at Walter Reed in the spring of 2017.

In celebrating Walter Reed’s past, present, and future, our first and most important job has been to listen; to residents’ stories about the way things were and to hone in on the love, wonder, and mystery the Walter Reed campus evokes as Ward 4 considers the direction of the site’s development for an intergenerational neighborhood. We invite YOU to participate by sharing your story today!

You can share your story by calling 929-266-4736 or by filling out this form. State your full name and leave us your story on the voicemail. We want to hear about your experiences. What do you hope people will remember about Walter Reed?


Walter Reed Dreams Block Party

March/April 2017

A celebration and culmination of each of the artists’ activations with music, art, and local food to celebrate the neighborhood—and the future of Walter Reed.

Walter Reed Campus

Copyright Joshua Cogan

Voices of Ward 4

Artist: Joshua Cogan

Spring 2017, story collection in Fall 2016

Walter Reed has been a place of healing, a refuge for those that have served this country and their families. It has also been an important part of Ward 4, both as a place of employment and a historic part of the community. For this project, Cogan will collect stories from neighborhood residents who have lived and worked in and around Walter Reed to help tell the collective story of its impact on the local community. The final film will be projected on the Walter Reed Firehouse as part of Walter Reed Dreams.

Walter Reed Firehouse

Image Credit: Eclipse, Alma Thomas, 1970

Walter Reed Dreams

Fall 2016

An interactive display designed to allow community members to create their own artwork using colored yarn that represents what they want to see at the new Walter Reed. The design of the display is inspired by Washington Color School artist, Alma Thomas, who was a Howard University graduate and long-time Washington DC resident. Her vibrant color palette and inspirational imagery will help in showing a bright and forward-thinking vision for Walter Reed.

Walter Reed Main Gate and 2 community locations (tbd)


To Count So High

Artist: Tommy Bobo

To Count So High is a year-long light installation to honor each of the nearly two million Purple Heart recipients over the last century. The lights directly outside of the main gate to Walter Reed will be transformed through a site specific algorithm to gently blink a soft purple light 1.9 million times over the course of a year, with each light signaling the sacrifice a US Armed Service member has made to our country.

Lights at Walter Reed Main Gate


Collected Memories

Artists: Deirdre Darden & Aliana Grace Bailey

Spring 2017, story collection in Fall 2016

Building upon the use of yellow ribbons as a symbol to “bring our troops home,” this project will honor the local staffers, veterans, and neighbors that knew Walter Reed the best. Starting in the Fall of 2016 the artists will begin collecting stories from the community that will be turned into simple words and phrases that will be screen-printed onto large colorful ribbons and attached to the fence at the main gate of Walter Reed in the Spring of 2017.

Walter Reed Fencing at Main Sign