Anne Frank Essay Research Paper Diary of

Anne Frank Essay, Research Paper

Diary of Anne Frank

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The narrative Diary of Anne Frank was a really interesting book which showed the ways a group of Judaic people during the 1940 & # 8217 ; s went about seeking to hide their individuality and themselves. This narrative was a true narrative taken from a journal of a immature miss during the incident. This was made into a drama during 1955. This was praised as Frances Goodrich & # 8217 ; s and her hubby Albert Hackett & # 8217 ; s most celebrated work as it was performed.

The drama was started in November of 1945. As Mr. Frank began to read the diary, it flashed back to July 1942 in an Attic in Amsterdam because this was where the people were concealing and represented the type of topographic point that Jews all over were populating. The most of import portion of the drama were the people who were acted out. They gave the drama a sense of spirit and pragmatism. Anne, a immature German miss was peculiarly amusive because of the hassles she and everyone around her seemed to hold. Anne & # 8217 ; s Mother was a adult female who was more traditional than anything else and wanted Anne to be more like a lady. One such individual was Margot. As Anne & # 8217 ; s sister, she was really nice and didn & # 8217 ; t talk out and was really proper. The Frank & # 8217 ; s weren & # 8217 ; t the lone 1s in this Attic, there were other people such as the Van Daans. Mr. Frank let them remain because they needed a topographic point to conceal and since they had helped him out so much in the past by really learning Mr. Frank German, he felt it was the least he could make. The Van Daans had a boy which Anne subsequently became interested in. Peter was the lone individual who Anne could understand and cognize that Anne could understand him. They could both speak to each other freely when they were together. Duss

el shortly joined the group. He was merely supposed to be up in the Attic for a short clip, but he ended up remaining till the terminal. He had to go forth his Dentistry to conceal out from the Germans. These people would non of lasted excessively long without the aid of Miep Gies and Mr. Kraler who gave them the necessities they needed to last up in the Attic for so long. All these people gave their ain personality and positions to add new dimensions to the drama and do it more gratifying. They all were credible by their pragmatism and how they acted to certain state of affairss.

The drama was about the struggles and battles two households populating together for a long period of clip seemed to acquire a spot brainsick. In general, they were concealing from the Nazi & # 8217 ; s. During their concealment out, Anne and Peter shortly found a friendly relationship between each other and started speaking constructing up a relationship after about 2 old ages of nil. This narrative was a premier illustration of what dozenss of households and different people had to populate through during these difficult times. The drama demonstrated it the manner it was as people who are nice and happy at the beginning and get down to crumple as the old ages go by. Mr. Van Daan crumbled because he started stealing nutrient while he knew his ain boy was close to hungering.

I thought this was a really interesting drama about several groups of people and how they were able to last up in the Attic for about 4 old ages in the Attic with about merely themselves. I think this is a good book for people who like suspense as in if Anne and everyone else gets caught finally in the terminal of the drama. It besides would be good for person who was larning how Jews lived during the 1940 & # 8217 ; s with the Germans as a menace to their freedom.