Benchmarking Essay

Truly enjoyed reading your station about Apple being in an industry that depends on the procedure of benchmarking. I would besides hold that Apples take no captive attack is one of the grounds in which the company is so successful in their peculiar industry. Apple is one of the leaders in the consumer electronics industry. Apple as a company strives on doing assorted plans and devices convenient for it’s clients. From the devising of Mac computing machines and IPhones. Apples exemplifies being a company that is ever on the cutting border of their peculiar industry.

Harmonizing to Dr. Vassilis Kelessidis ( 2000 ) benchmarking is a procedure in which an organisation strives to better upon their public presentation by continuously placing. apprehension. and accommodating outstanding patterns and processes found inside and outside an organisation. There are five stages that are used in the execution of benchmarking ; Planning. Analysis. Integration. Action. and Maturity ( Kelessidis. 2000 ) .

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Benchmarking is besides used to place a company’s cardinal success factors. and implement methods in which such factors can be enhanced ( Blocher. Stout. Juras. and Cokins. 2013 ) Harmonizing to this definition non all benchmarking is done external to an organisation. Since apple is one of the best in its industry they could look to benchmark internally. This means utilizing internal informations. and sections to better and develop the company’s best patterns ( Muras. 2004 ) .

Internal benchmarking elements the jobs of whether or non the information found is utile to the industry every bit good as the single company every bit good as the usage of old informations that are used in external benchmarking ( Muras. 2004 ) . Apple has used and can go on to utilize benchmarking to better applications and graphical user interfaces. One benchmarking method that has been used by Apple would be holding Apple analyst trial applications of rivals for clip ingestion and trouble ( Apple Inc. 2012 ) . With this peculiar testing apple and comparison and better upon the applications handiness and utility to their clients.