Coming Soon: Pirate Adventures Essay

Rob has just posted the cover for the upcoming collection of Howard’s pirate stories, verse and related material on the REH Foundation website. Pre-orders are on the horizon, so check this post and the TGR Facebook page in a few weeks for an update announcing pre-orders are being accepted.

The book features a fantastic pulpish cover by Tom Gianni and an Introduction by Rob. Here is a list of contents:

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Main Content:

  • “The Pirate” (verse)
  • “A Pirate Remembers” (verse)
  • “A Buccaneer Speaks” (verse)
  • “The Isle of Pirates Doom”
  • “A Song of the Anchor Chain” (verse)
  • “Blades of the Brotherhood”
  • “Buccaneer Treasure” (verse)
  • “Swords of the Red Brotherhood”
  • “Flint’s Passing” (verse)
  • “Black Vulmea’s Vengeance”
  • “A Dying Pirate Speaks of Treasure” (verse)


  • List of Names (“The Treasure of Henry Morgan”)
  • “The Treasure of Henry Morgan”
  • Untitled, “So there I was . . .”
  • Untitled, “Help! Help! . . .”
  • Untitled Synopsis (“The Shadow in the Well”)
  • “The Shadow in the Well” — unfinished draft


  • “A Pirut Story”
  • “Bill Boozy was a Pirate Bold” (verse)
  • “At the Inn of the Gory Dagger” (verse)

Of course, Howard had  bit of the pirate in him as displayed in this photo from the three photo set Patrice Louinet discovered.

UPDATE — 12/24/2012: Okay guys and gals, time to get your pazoors together — pre-orders being taking for Pirate Adventures. And don’t forget to get a copy of Back to School.