Graphing a Wave Essay


A quiver is a wriggle in clip ; a moving ridge is a wriggle in infinite and clip. In this exercising. you will research that connexion by reassigning the gesture of the 2nd manus of a clock ( a quiver. even if a slow 1 ) . to a moving ridge.

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Print out the image of a clock and open the spreadsheet called Grapher. You will happen both of them in the same point where you found these instructions.

Use a metric swayer to mensurate the supplanting of the tip of the 2nd manus every five seconds. That’s the distance above or below the centre line that connects the 3 and the 9. Count the figure as positive if the tip is above the line ( towards the 12 ) and negative if below ( towards the six ) . Enter each value in the tinted boxes in the Grapher tool and it will instantly plot them for you.

Then reply the inquiries based on your graph.

1 ) What is the period of this moving ridge. that is. the clip for one complete rhythm. in seconds? The period of the moving ridge is. 02 seconds

2 ) What is the amplitude of the moving ridge?
The amplitude is. 01

3 ) If we had started from some other initial place – say. when the 2nd manus was on the 3 – would the period still be the same?
yes X

4 ) Again. if we had started when the 2nd manus was on the 3. would the amplitude still be the same?
yes X

5 ) So – once more. if we had started when the 2nd manus was on the 3. what would be different? Though we are get downing from a ulterior point. the period would still be the same distance. and amplitude is reliant on the period so if the period is the same so so is the amplitude. Simply the seconds from which we start mensurating would be one notch buttocks. so the arch of each moving ridge would be 5 seconds earlier.

6 ) Using the period from inquiry 1. find the frequence of the moving ridge. That frequence is of class manner excessively low for us to hear. Please unit of ammunition you answer to three figures. non numbering the starting nothing ; that is. round it to four decimal topographic points entire.

The frequence is. 0125 Hz

7 ) If you had used the same image of the same clock but had graphed the minute manus alternatively. what would alter about the graph?
Nothing would alter at all.
The frequence would alter.
The amplitude would alter. X

8 ) If you had plotted the gesture of the 2nd manus on your ticker alternatively of the clock that you printed out. what would alter about the graph?

Nothing would alter at all.
The frequence would alter. X
The amplitude would alter.

9 ) Since you are plotting supplanting on the y-axis and clip on the x-axis. this is an illustration of a _____ graph.
Snapshot Ten

10 ) Are you old plenty to retrieve the 90’s telecasting series Home Improvement. starring Tim Allen? He was ever stating “more power” and blowing up one electric tool or contraption after another by seeking to do it work faster.

Suppose that he was able to do a clock tally so fast that the 2nd manus made one full lap in lone tenth part of a 2nd ( 0. 10 s ) . and suppose that it tapped a H2O surface each clip it reached the underside of its gesture. If the moving ridges it produced were 4. 0 cm apart. at what velocity ( in cm/s ) would they go?

The Waves would go 40cm/s