Prison system of the 18th and the early 19th century Essay

In the early 1800’s. province captive were leased to Florida companies where they were frequently worked as slave labour. Mart Taber was a immature captive convicted of stealing a drive on a cargo train. He died as a consequence of the barbarous intervention administered by a lumber company foreman to whom he was leased. The prison system of the 1800’s and the early 1900’s was based on cruel and inhumane intervention. Punishment was really tragic. The captives were treated as animate being and see less of inhuman because of their anarchy. They were made to compensate the wrongs that they have committed either trough physical hurting. endure mutilation. anguish. mulcted in mulcts. deprive of autonomy. adjudges as slave or even put to decease.

The American prison as we know began in New York in the early nineteenth century. “Reformation” was the end of the laminitiss of the system. During the colonial period and in the early old ages of the state. long-run imprisonment was non a common signifier of penalty in prison. Alternatively. executing was the prescribed punishment for a broad scope of discourtesies. Peoples who committed less serious discourtesies faced public penalty such as gibbeting. tanning and maiming.

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At the beginning of the nineteenth century. imprisonment had replaced public penalty and executing as a signifier of penalty for most offenses. except slaying and lese majesty. The early topographic points of imprisonment ranged from wood frame houses to copper mine. such as the Connecticut prison in 1790. Then. in the early nineteenth century two constructs of imprisonment were introduced in New York and Pennsylvania. including what the constructions should look like and how they should be operated. “Few people had any thought what the constructions should look like or how they should be administered. ”

( The Development of the New YorkPrison System. Part I. Page1 ) These establishments were non merely intend to be houses of convicted felons. they besides had the aim of reforming inmates into temperate. hardworking. hard-working citizens and return them to their societies as new work forces. Sentences were long plenty to let the prison system its plan of reformation.

In Pennsylvania. the prison system of reformation was to divide the inmate and supply him with a little room and a exercising country wholly isolated from the human company “Only in the pureness of complete isolation could be the corruptness be overcome and the Restoration of religion and honestness be attained” ( The Development of the New YorkPrison System. Part I. Page2 ) After an appropriate period of entire isolation and inaction. the captive was allowed to little spots of handcraft work and a Bible in his cell. The inmate was non allowed to see another captive. The laminitiss of the prison system believed that isolation was the lone manner for a captive is rehabilitated.

Prison system of the 18th and early nineteenth century left a sensible measure of dead captives and besides physical maltreatment to the inmate. The offense that any captive has committed doesn’t justify the cruel and inhumane intervention they receive in gaol. If the laminitiss of the prison system from that clip of period wouldn’t have been so barbarous. they would had avoid so many decease and people being maltreated. Alternatively of unmerciful penalty they should had given them societal work as their sentence and should had taken advantage from the captives maintaining in head that they are human existences.