Sister Carrie Essay Research Paper In August

Sister Carrie Essay, Research Paper

In August of 1889, Carrie Meeber leaves her little town to happen employment in the metropolis of Chicago. Theodore Dreiser, the writer of Sister Carrie, informs the reader that, “ Self-interest with her was high, but non strong. It was however her guiding characteristic. ” . With her young person and artlessness she hopes to seek employment so that she can acquire and purchase all the nice things that she wants. Carrie does non hold any thought how difficult this is traveling to be.

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When she tries to happen a occupation, she is scared. Carrie has no accomplishments to offer an employer, no occupation experience, and her vesture was of hapless quality. Chicago was a big metropolis, but society at that clip did non hold many occupation chances for working adult females. The lone occupations that Carrie could perchance acquire were in the mills that, paid low rewards, had hapless on the job conditions, and long hours. She knew that after she paid rent to her brother-in-law, she would hold really small left to purchase all the beautiful things that she longed for. When Carrie took the occupation at the shoe mill, she did non like the difficult work and considered the other adult females who worked there to be common. When winter arrived, Carrie got ill and stayed place from work which caused her to lose her occupation.

On the train to Chicago, Carrie had met a going salesman, Charlie H. Drouet. She is impressed by the manner he talks and frocks. When they meet once more, Drouet is cognizant of her beauty and artlessness and he hopes to capture and score her. He “ lends ” Carrie money to purchase nice winter apparels, treats her to all right repasts, takes her to the theatre, and shows her the sights of Chicago. Because Carrie is immature and inexperienced in the universe of work forces, she is non wise plenty to understand where all Drouet & # 8217 ; s attending is taking toward. Although she senses that the money should be given back, her desire and yearning for the good things in life are so powerful that she ignores her beliefs in what is right and incorrect.

Unable to happen another occupation, Carries is forced to do a determination, returning to Wisconsin or allowing Drouet maintain her as his kept woman. Choosing to stay with Drouet was an extraordinary determination. This went against everything society taught. It was unthinkable for any nice adult female to populate with a adult male without matrimony. Yet, Carrie ignored the regulations. Drouet & # 8217 ; s promise to finally get married Carrie allowed her to disregard her scruples which told her that her behaviour was incorrect. The longer Drouet and Carrie lived together, she eventually realizes that she is non profoundly in

love with him, she is smarter, and he is non every bit sophisticated as she had first thought.

When Drouet invites his friend, Hurstwood, to dinner, “ She met a adult male who was more cagey than Drouet in a 100 ways. ” Carrie had gone with Drouet because of fiscal demand to avoid returning to her hometown. Carrie loves Hurstwood and agrees to go forth with him believing that they will get married right off. Detecting that Hurstwood is married, Carrie decides to go forth Drouet and attempts to happen an acting occupation. It & # 8217 ; s ironic that she is now back in the same fiscal state of affairs when she had made the determination to populate with Drouet.

Once once more, Carrie can & # 8217 ; t happen a occupation. Hurstwood forces her into go forthing with him and, one time once more, because of fiscal grounds she remains with Hurstwood. Carrie thinks they are married in Canada and finally they move to New York. Hurstwood is non able to happen or maintain a occupation. With no 1 left to back up her, Carrie gets a occupation. As her theatre calling rises and her societal position improves, Hurstwood becomes wholly dependent on Carrie. He is no longer the intelligent, assured, and cultured adult male that she thought he was. With the ability to back up herself, Carrie leaves Hurstwood. He becomes a street individual and ends up killing himself.

Carrie had ever thought that if she of all time got wealth and place, which she now has, that she would be wholly happy. A friend introduces her to Bob Ames, unlike any adult male that she met earlier. Ames notices that Carrie is sad. He tells her, “ Your felicity is within yourself entirely if you will merely believe it. ” Here was a adult male non offering her money, apparels, or hand clapping, all the things that Drouet and Hurstwood had given her. The secret to her felicity was to give off herself to those less fortunate.

Carrie was immature, guiltless, and scared when she foremost arrived in Chicago. With no accomplishments, she can & # 8217 ; t happen a occupation. Traveling against the societal regulations of her coevals, she lives with two work forces as their kept woman. They give her the stuff things she desires. Her opinion in choosing work forces is based on their visual aspect and non on their character. Finally, she is without support and forced to do it on her ain. Becoming a success in the theatre, she is able to acquire all the things she desires. Her wealth doesn & # 8217 ; t give her the felicity and satisfaction she thought it would. With age and experience, Carrie comes to understand that contentment comes from giving to those less fortunate than herself, and that character is more of import than how a individual looks.