Sojourner Truth Essay Research Paper Kelsey CruickshankMarch

Sojourner Truth Essay, Research Paper

Kelsey CruickshankMarch 13,

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Book study # 3English

? Sojourner Truth, Fearless Crusader, ? by Helen Stone Peterson. The

book had two hundred and ninety four pages. I chose this book because

people overlook this adult female when believing about African Americans

who have spread positive thoughts.

The chief character is Isabella, who subsequently renamed herself Sojourner

Truth. The book begins while she is merely nine old ages old. In the

get downing she is a naif and scared small miss, but as the book

advancements, she becomes a strong and opinionative adult female. The other

characters are the people who help her throughout her life, and those

that attempt and impede her.

The book is about Sojourner Truth, and the battles she faced

throughout her life due to her race. It begins with her as a nine twelvemonth old

miss who is frightened about being seperated from her household, and being

sold to a new household. By the clip she is 13 she had been sold five

times. Shortly after July 4, 1827, Sojourner escaped her former proprietor,

to get down a life of her ain, as a free adult female. At the clip she was 20

nine. By go forthing her proprietor, she left her kids. To acquire them back, she

placed a formal ailment with a local courthouse, in Kingston, NY.

The tribunal appealed in her favour, leting her her boy. In 1829, she and

her two kids moved to New York City, so that her boy and girl

could hold an instruction. She lived there for three old ages. In the

beginning of her 4th twelvemonth, a spiritual adult male invited her nowadays

employer to come to his communal state estate, so as to idolize God.

While at that place, Sojourner? s employer died, and she was blamed for his

decease. To turn out that she was guiltless, she went to former employers,


letters that praised her extremely. Due to this slander of her name,

she took her ailment to tribunal, where in a white jury, she was

pronounced non guilty, and awarded a little amount of money. Shortly

after this, her boy Peter presumptively died. Feeling guilty that his

childhood merely consisted of whippings, Sojourner traveled around New

York, New England and Massachusetts, assisting people and distributing

God? s word. In 1850, a book was published about Sojourner? s life. She

was 50 three at the clip. She would subsequently go to antislavery meetings,

stating people about her life, and sing the vocals her female parent taught her.

After an antislavery/woman? s right meeting in Akron, Ohio, Sojourner

so became a combatant for adult females? s rights. On Thanksgiving in 1862,

Sojourner and her household brought dinner to black soldiers developing near

Detroit. At the age of 60 seven, she met with Abraham Lincoln. After

Lincoln? s blackwash, she met with President Johnson, and shortly

after, changed Torahs in Washington that forced tram music directors to

halt for black riders. Sojourner Truth died in 1883 of a fatal


This book is an unbelievable relay of what African Americans had to confront

before the Civil War, and even what they continue to confront now. After

reading this book I came off with an huge cognition of the

history of NY, every bit good as the history of a adult female who helped pave the

manner for emancipationists, and adult females? s rights motions.

I though this book was interesting, every bit good as enlightening. Although the

temper of the book was sometimes a small depressing, the word picture

was good, and the imagination was interesting, as was the symbolism. These

literary techniques helped to heighten the image of what the people had

to populate through. All in all, I truly enjoyed reading it.