Song Of Mating By Koel Bird During Summer Biology Essay

My trait of pick is the vocal of copulating Sung by Koel bird during summer season.For this phenotype the contrasting traits are good vocal which can pull many birds and another trait is the vocal of non good quality.

1. Pedigree Analysis:

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The pureblood information is required for the association of Phenotypic and genotypic information. So the Sweet vocal of one koel is selected as one parent and the bird with the harsh vocal is selected as another parent and the cross is made between these birds.To obtain f1 coevals is obtained and the back cross is performed to obtain the F2 GENERATION persons.

2. Information REGARDING Markers:

Random markers are selected for analyzing.the markers related to microsatellite are selected and their several map place is obtained from UCSC browser.

3. Information OF Phenotype:

The phenotype informations of P1, P2, F1 and F2 person is charted by detecting the phenotypic fluctuations.



For this interval function is used and the ANOVAs is used to associate the information of both the genotypic and phenotypic informations. Here the linking of markers with trait and the association between two markers for several trait carbon monoxide discrepancies are compared and maximal likeliness informations is obtained.

5. QTL Map:

5.1 Single marker analysis:

5.2 composite interval function:

5.3 Multiple interval function: The maximal likeliness informations is taken on the x-axis and chromosomal map place of single markers are drawn on y-axis. We had obtained a graph and the 5 % threshold value is selected on x axis.the part which are important i.e. ; which crossed the threshold can be treated as QTL. Here the dominant and linear can be studied. The soft wares likes map marker and QTL map maker can be used.

Question 3

Single nucleotide polymorphisms have come about by mutants the passage and transversion are the agents which allowed them to crawl.

Arrested development: When an allelomorph reaches a frequence of 1 ( 100 % ) it is said to be “ fixed ” in the population and when an allelomorph reaches a frequence of 0 ( 0 % ) it is lost. Once an allele becomes fixed, familial impetus comes to a arrest, and the allele frequence can non alter unless a new allelomorph is introduced in the population via mutant or cistron flow. Therefore even while familial impetus is a random, directionless procedure, it acts to extinguish familial fluctuation over clip. [ 12 ]

Question 4


In RNA sequencing two attacks can be used

Complementary dna SEQUENCING:

In complementary DNA sequencing, the RNA is rearward transcribed and the complementary DNA is obtained.the complementary DNA is sequenced by utilizing high throughput sequencing methods like 454 ROCHE A® , HELICOSA® , SOLiDA® .


In this attack direct RNA is used for sequencing and this method is called as RNA sequencing.

The rule for both the methods is “ HIGH THROUGHPUT SEQUENCING ” .


In microarray, the plastic/silicon wafer contains many pores and to this pores the known DNA sequence is coated. Subsequently the trial sample is passed on to this microarray.Based on colour alteration we determine whether the hybridized one are matched or unmatched.

The rule in this attack is “ HYBRIDIZATION ” .

RNA sequencing


For executing RNA sequencing we need NOT to cognize the initial sequence

For executing this we should hold the cognition of sequence used.

The sequencing involves higher outgo

It is less expensive compared to RNA sequencing

The information obtained here is in cosmopolitan format

The information differs with single experiment.

The experiments involved with the methods are

Experiment for RNA SEQUENCING.

Expression in BHK cells

Experiment for RNA SEQUENCING.

Expression in HeLa cells

Question 5:


In cistron duplicate another transcript of DNA is obtained.the causes for cistron duplicate are Homologous recombination, ex post facto jumping gene.

The destinies of Duplicated cistrons are of likely four types.


The cistron gets duplicated and the duplicated transcript gets either mutant or deleted.if it gets mutant the cistron can be converted into Psuedogene.The psuedogene cistrons get selective advantages like they can reverted by mutant and gets functional.


Some proteins are needed in heavier figure.for this ground the duplicated transcripts retain the original map and increase the sum of protein to be formed. The selective advantages with this are the cistron map is conserved.


In this the duplicated transcripts subdivide the map of parent protein. Here the selective advantage is the map gets sub divided.


The duplicated transcript gets new map compared to the parent cistron from which it is formed. The selective advantage with this type is new map formation.

Question 6

A1B1 A1B2 A2B1 A2B2

34 13 15 38


X2 =19.36

Hence important linkage equilibrium is observed.

Question 7

The myostatin is the negative regulator for musculus growing and the cistron encoding for myostatin is on recessionary the breeders obtain the muscular hypertrophy in off springs by selective Breeding.

The three attacks which used today are

PROTEIN Profiling:

The transgene incorporating persons have different station translational alterations compared to normal persons. This belongings is used in protein profiling


When the viral vectors are used the immune system demo some responses and this are used in the sensing of doping.


The doped single proteins differ from normal persons and the proteins of doped person are used for sensing of this method.

Question 8:

The written text procedure is small bit different when we compare the embryologic root cells compared to normal cells. Here the heterochromatin part is larger and where less in figure. This might be the ground for jabing custodies at written text for developmental defects.

Question 9:

LOD stands for logarithm of odds. It is used for linkage analysis and the value of unlinked to the linked markers is increased by utilizing logarithm.

The dealingss A vs. B showed the statistical linkage with recombination fraction of 0. 1. And A vs. C showed the inconclusive linkage with the value of 0.5 recombination fraction.

Question 10:

The challenges in complex familial diseases are

Some diseases are involved with Epistasis effects.

Environmental effects influence some diseases.

Time dependent look of some proteins is in some disease.

The domestic animate beings as theoretical account animate beings, because of their complete or partial genomic information.

The phenotypic position is good studied sing their pureness of strain.


COLLIE EYE ABNORMALITY is disease in Canis familiariss and this disease is familial disease with abnormalcies in choroid rete, ocular nervus.


Canine lineage for this disease is studied.


Distributed marker and campaigner cistron attack is followed and the linkage map of this disease is determined.


The synteny between human and the collie oculus anomaly cistron hunt is performed for any conserved grounds.