Swift Essay Research Paper A comparison of

Swift Essay, Research Paper

A comparing of the major alterations in American endeavor

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indicated in the Hagiographas of

Jonathan Swift ( pre-20th Century ) and Herman Melville ( twentieth Century ) .


The writers of the selected plants, Jonathan Swift & # 8217 ; s essay “ A Modest

Proposal ” and Herman Melville & # 8217 ; s “ Case: Bartleby the Scrivener: A Narrative

of Wall Street ” , the reader can conceive of the hapless on the job conditions in the

early clip of our industrial growing. In Swift & # 8217 ; s proposal it was evident that

the poorness of Ireland was of major concern during the 1700 & # 8217 ; s. Swift, in his

sarcasm reflects on the category differentiations of the really affluent and the highly

hapless. In Herman Melville & # 8217 ; s essay it is evident that life on Wall Street,

although the character Bartleby was seemingly belly-up in more than fiscal

ways, concern life has well alteration for that clip epoch to the typical

concerns of our modern clip.

Appraisal of Jonathan Swift & # 8217 ; s try, “ A Modest Proposal ”

Jonathan Swift was a satirist author and at first when reading this proposal,

the reader is appalled by the perverse and cruel thought that he was suggesting. The

reader would hold to cognize that this was a sarcasm to understand that he has taken

the proposal to an extreme. Swift was considered to be an rational and

philosopher and efforts to edify the reader of the job of the hapless and

desolate of Ireland. Swift criticizes the false values of society of that clip

by overstating his possible solution of the job in his perverse proposal.

The unfavorable judgment of the rich was the suggestion that they would bask the daintiness

of eating yearling kids as nutrient. He infers the highly affluent would

instead eat the job than work out the job by coming up with another executable

and acceptable solution. Swift brings to illume the fact that the hapless was

society & # 8217 ; s job and non the unfortunate province, an accident of being born to

the incorrect side of humanity, or the unfit for life people in Ireland. His sarcasm

makes you inquire how ignored by the affluent and people of position were this

job. He sees the wealthy as the consumers of life and resources and their

prosperity makes them responsible to happen ways to assist this societal job. The

suggestion that the wealthy would raise, market and eat human sort was an abuse

and enlightenment to the wealthy. I believe his purpose was to convey consciousness of

the deficiency of the comfortable to turn to this job. The sad portion is that there

were likely many who really thought it would be a good manner to relieve the


Appraisal of Herman Melville & # 8217 ; s try,

“ Case: Bartleby the Scrivener: A narrative of Wall Street ”

Melville & # 8217 ; s essay “ Bartleby the Scrivener ” dramatizes the mechanical

and inhumaneness of the concern universe was. Symbolism to convey the feeling of the

mechanisation and corrupting ambiance of large concern was used. Bartleby was

like a automaton and although he was making his work at first lacked any societal

graces. He does his work like a machine, forcing on until it was turned off. The

employer was perplexed in how to cover with this individual. His compassion or his

inability to take allows Bartleby to arise against authorization. Bartleby becomes a

mindless shell and demonstrates mental unwellness either cause by his life

state of affairs or the concern. Bartleby stares at a brick wall outside the window

for long periods of clip and once more while in prison. The walls represent large

concern and pigment a dull, dark, drab, exanimate, cold and incapable to

experiencing. Bartleby seems incapacitated to alter his predicament in concern. His other

occupation, we learn was covering with dead letters suggest that Bartleby was dead

inside already. There was no reference of household or friends, merely the occupation. The

frequent usage of the word “ prefer ” becomes a gag to colleagues. Most

people would prefer non to make things requested in concern but do them anyhow.

Bartleby wholly shuts down mentally, finally physically and dies. Did large

concern kill him or was it suicide cause by a deeper mental job? That is up

to the reader to make up one’s mind.


Historically, Swift & # 8217 ; s try shows how the civilization in Ireland was of the

“ have and have non ” . Prosperity in the 1700 & # 8217 ; s in Ireland was of

utmost wealth or utmost poorness. The affluent were people of agencies and likely

& gt ; to be the man of affairs and socialites of Ireland. Business was non available to

the hapless. Jobs were non plentiful and rewards, if you had a occupation was meager. Those

who could non back up themselves resorted to imploring, stealing and other

dishonest agencies of endurance. The wealthy regarded them with disgust and wish

them off instead than cover with this societal job. Swift & # 8217 ; s essay brings to

visible radiation the inhumaneness of sing the hapless as less than homo, a common faulty

societal value of that epoch.

Melville & # 8217 ; s try was about American concern in the early 1800 & # 8217 ; s. The

American office was depicted as a non so harmonious topographic point to work. Business as

told by the writer was good for him. He was non one to do moving ridges or confront

challenges but instead to merely do a life as a attorney. He was accepting of his

workers and their bounds and was more than deficiencies in covering with them. The

writer demonstrates that the large concern of Wall Street was non ever to be

envied. Industry has its drawbacks and in the 1900 & # 8217 ; s, long hours, meager wage and

hapless office infinite was a factor in the discontentedness of many workers. The

employer shared his office, which is non done today, by a screen splitter with an

employee. The employer would instead accept the jobs in his office staff

instead than take control. Alternatively of taking control of the state of affairs, he moves

his office to get away the job, but the reader learns the job followed

him. The characters are used to convey the robotic and discontentedness of the

workplace. The character Nipper was discontented with his work country. He was non

comfy and struggles with back hurting and asleep custodies. Turkey, another

character sounds to be a imbibing adult male and after tiffin was ruddy faced and has

trouble executing his occupation. This was another job that was non addressed

by the employer. The chief character, Bartleby, demonstrates to the reader the

dehumanising effects office life in the early phases of American concern can

cause. Poor productiveness and opposition to work was a major cause of these



From these composing it is easy to see that industry and the workplace has

alteration dramatically from the 17 & # 8211 ; 1800 & # 8217 ; s to today & # 8217 ; s concerns. In these plants

of Melville and Swift we can easy see that the workplace and work

relationships was barbarian in comparing to today & # 8217 ; s American industrial concern

manner. In today & # 8217 ; s modern industrial age we see such alterations as time-share,

biotechnologies, rewards, promotions, clip off and acceptable work hours. Other

promotions have been in supplemented wellness attention, stock options, public presentation

wagess, and investing programs such as the 401K for retirement. Spending histories

and child care installations on premises are other offers of pick by some

employers. Some companies have on site wellness installations and exercising suites.

As for the industry itself, we have authorities Torahs to extinguish

constitutions from commanding the market or unsavoury fiscal patterns.

Granted we still have such companies utilizing unjust labour patterns, such as the

“ perspiration store ” and illegal immigrant employment, but the industry has

improved and labour patterns have improved. In America we still have a job

with the hapless and homeless. Charitable people both affluent and hapless attempt to assist

those less fortunate. Soup kitchens, shelters and people give of their clip and

energy to turn to the societal job of the hapless and homeless. Alternatively of

wishing they would vanish, there is echt lovingness and working to happen a

solution. Free medical, child care and instructions is the chief focal point of our

authorities to turn to the population of the homeless, abused and mentally

unqualified people of America. More people get involved annually in these

enterprises. Our rich and celebrated people donate clip and money to good causes.

America still has some unsavoury people who deal in what we call bondage and

the merchandising of offspring. We have what is referred to as the black market and

racketeering patterns, which are hidden from the multitudes, but these are still

jobs to be addressed.


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