Teenage Wasteland Essay Research Paper The book

Teenage Wasteland Essay, Research Paper

The book Teenage Wasteland, by Donna Gaines ventures into the bosom of a little suburban town in New Jersey to happen out what the existent sociological grounds were behind a suicide treaty between four adolescents. The narrative made headlines across the state and the thoughts behind the narrative were socially constructed through media and other countries of society. What was originally said in headlines as a ground that these teens did perpetrate self-destruction were mental jobs, drugs and intoxicant. Author Donna Gaines looked deeper into what truly happened. This was a wholly different attack than what others did to build what happened and why. Derive looked at these self-destructions on a much broader degree than most. ? From the beginning, I believed that the Bergenfield self-destructions symbolized a tragic licking for immature people? she writes. This was much more than merely the lives of teens in Bergenfield, but everyplace else childs were acquiring blamed and labeled. What Gaines did to look into the bosom of the existent job was much more valid than any other manner anyone has researched what happened. Was this genuinely the best manner to detect what truly happened to these childs that could do them to respond in such an unusual mode?

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Author Donna Gaines starts out by retrieving her life as a adolescent and how it was for her. She remembers what life was like in her teenage old ages and how it was for her. Gaines negotiations about being a immature grownup started after retrieving from her mean adolescent life of drugs, household jobs, and jobs with the jurisprudence like most other teens go through. She so tried to assist out childs that had jobs like she did. She foremost worked as a large sister for troubled childs in a junior high school. Then Gaines worked on a suicide-prevention hot-line. Finally she became a societal worker and did a batch of work to assist out troubled teens and such covering with maltreatment and public assistance jobs. Finally she went back to her place town and worked as a? street worker. ? She would work the streets of the town assisting the childs out in unsmooth times when they needed her under their footings. ? We were at that place for the kids-like an older friend at that place to walk them through their wasted years. ? As a street worker she would speak with adolescents that had jobs and had no where to turn but for aid. Since she was immature and had experience, she was the most comfy and best topographic point for these troubled teens to travel to. When she went into Bergenfield, she already had an thought of what might be the world of the state of affairs. She knew how difficult it was for childs to blend into society good. Teenss are excessively old to be childs and excessively immature to be grownups, so they? rhenium trapped in this infinite for long plenty to hold serious jobs. All of her yesteryear has a major affect on how she reacts towards the state of affairss and how she settles in with the teens of Bergenfield. Of class, everyone was a adolescent one time, but Gaines? personal experiences as a adolescent and how she personally overcame her state of affairss help her to look deep into the facts and lives of the? burn-outs? in this town and any other normal suburban town.

Gaines originally starts out look intoing the self-destruction treaty by assignment. She was already perfect for the occupation and her editor knew that. What she was concerned about was acquiring into people? s concern and deriving their trust merely to state about it. She wanted to acquire more serious than merely by composing about these childs. She wanted to be a portion of their lives and support their rights as childs so every other adolescent can be nevertheless they want without being put down like the teens of Bergenfield. However, she steadfastly believes in the? rights of the researched. ? No existent names and descriptions would be used in depicting these events she goes through. All that would be similar are narratives told and thoughts she had and wrote approximately. Her head was set to travel and do a difference, no affair what she had to give to rectify the truth behind these deceases.

When Gaines got to the town, she did a small research of what the media had to state and what the town was like. The first clip period she was at that place, she drove around the town, happening the childs of this? burn-out? coevals and detecting how similar they were to any other teens in other towns. Gaines negotiations about some history behind the four teens that killed themselves and what they were traveling through in the clip period before that. All of them were near to a immature adult male that died one dark hanging out by the drops. He was holding a traveling away portion when he walked near to the border of the drops and slipped to his decease. The two misss were particularly close being that one was his girlfriend and the other was her sister. The other two boys she says were non that down on their fortune to the oculus? s of the populace. Most people didn? t really cognize what they were traveling through at that clip with household jobs and occupations, school, and other jobs, excessively many to cover with for most people. There was ne’er a reference of drug or intoxicant maltreatment being a chief ground to desire to kill themselves. They all had hereafters planned and were working hard, no affair what type of future they were looking at.

Gaines gets into the lives of the towns teens. She gets to hang out with them and go one of them. What seems to go on is that she becomes the best of friends with all the cats and stopping point with some misss, but non so specially. She even says it & # 8217 ; s difficult to acquire near with a group of misss, they don? Ts make friends excessively easy. The cats she re

ally got in tight with and got to cognize reasonably good, or so she made it look. This was a good manner to happen out how these teens survived and lived their lives every twenty-four hours. She got to cognize what went on between some childs and what was traveling on in their place lives and schools. This makes one of the most valid ways to make research about a state of affairs like this.

What was incorrect with this was that she ne’er stepped on the other side of the fencing and saw it from the parents point of position. Possibly some things they said were incorrect, but they still knew what the childs did to an extent and labeled them slightly right by naming them? burn-outs. ? She besides didn? t go one of them. She wasn? t a adolescent that lived there all of her life no affair what she did to suit in. She wasn? T precisely that near with the misss and who knows what they said about her behind her dorsum and to the others. There were things that might hold non been noticed by Gaines when she was at that place.

The teens that committed self-destruction were deemed as? burn-outs? and societal misfits. The truth behind this is that they were those things, but that shouldn? Ts make anyone suicidal in the least spot. They liked to party and did nil all the clip that they were seen, but no 1 can label them every bit destined to decease. Who were these people that I keep mentioning to as the labelers? The parents, media, school representatives, the good childs, and anyone else non named that have any voice in the society but the? burn-outs. ? But who were to fault for the self-destructions? Parents blamed drugs, schools blamed parents, media blamed everyone. Gaines? grounds were all of them. The school had it & # 8217 ; s toll by allowing the childs slip out of the system and non offering clear aid. Up to the self-destructions, no one of all time knew there was a school sociologist. The media after the self-destructions about harassed the other teens seeking to get by with the state of affairs. They asked disconcerting and labeling inquiries to other teens. When non treated respectfully such as being trashed with eggs and such, they started to make defective thoughts about the childs in this town. They ne’er thought inquiring such deep inquiries could trip such hideous emotions.

Gaines describes the town of Bergenfield every bit much different from her place suburban area of Levittown and most other normal suburbs. ? Bergenfield merely has this dreadfully oppressive geographics that makes it different & # 8230 ; .It is merely excessively f @ # $ ing close & # 8230 ; . The town merely moves in on you. After a piece, it is smothering you. ? This is a really of import quotation mark. No 1 in the town seems to speak about this but the childs. She is seeing life in Bergenfield from the childs position. The households in the town have been there for coevals after coevals. Everyone knows everything about everyone. Her friend one time tried to open a shop there and was driven out by the people of the town. They do non easy accept new people and thoughts. There is fundamentally one faith, one race ( for the most portion ) , and one life dream. If something is out of whack, incrimination is automatically taken off of everyone and set onto different things. The town is fundamentally a bubble and is about impossible to interrupt free. She states that unless you have a auto or you ne’er leave the town you are under surveillance every minute you are outside. This is no normal life, it is something out of a fantasy book like George Orwell? s 1984. In that state of affairs, there was no manner to interrupt free up until decease.

I feel that the research Gaines did is a valid decision to what truly happened on the dark of the self-destruction treaty. She truly got into what the childs lives were similar and what they went through being teens. A adolescent is non supposed to travel through such difficult times. A parent is supposed to be at that place for them to do things better and non give them such a unsmooth clip lasting through their adolescent old ages. The town itself would hold ne’er been so explored and taken apart would it non hold been for the experience and apprehension of writer Donna Gaines.

Gaines does hold her weak points about believing she had to the full assimilated with them and their society. She has to retrieve, no affair how difficult she attempts and how she acts, she is ever traveling to be older and wiser than these childs. She does non suit in every bit good as the existent teens in the narrative do into their lives. She was ne’er born and raised in this society that drowns out the childs and jobs with overpowering socialism policies, possibly non stated but slightly applied to the town. She ne’er knew these childs that died on any kind of personal degree and ne’er would be able to. For all she knows, the childs she hung out with might hold been drawing her leg the whole clip she was at that place, moving sham every clip she was at that place because they knew what she was approximately and why she was at that place.

In decision, Donna Gaines makes a really strong statement toward what truly happened to do these childs to kill themselves on a dark that made headlines across the state. She might non hold changed anyone? s sentiment in the town of Bergenfield, but she decidedly gave manner for a alteration in peoples thoughts about adolescents in general and the? burned-out? coevals of childs. Donna Gaines did non merely make this clip test to do a book, but she did it to support childs everyplace and to settle her ain head. She took it from a sociological point of view and took a steadfast appreciation of the world behind the life and decease of the childs in the self-destruction treaty in Bergenfield, NJ.


Teenage Wasteland, by Donna Gaines