Tess Durbeyfield Guilty Or Not Guilty Essay

Tess Durbeyfield, Guilty Or Not Guilty Essay, Research Paper

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CP English IV

January 11, 1998

Tess Durbeyfield, Guilty or non Guilty

In the book Tess of the D & # 8217 ; Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy, Tess Durbeyfield suffers a great trade of trial in her tragic life. Although her life is filled with bad luck, she is non responsible for these tragic events.

One of the first calamities in Tess & # 8217 ; life, that seems to take to all the others, is when she falls asleep as she is taking a burden of bees to the market and by chance kills the Equus caballus. This is non Tess & # 8217 ; mistake. In the first topographic point, it wasn & # 8217 ; t her duty to take to bees to the market. It was the duty of her drunken male parent. If anyone is to fault for being irresponsible, it is Tess & # 8217 ; parents. Tellurium is ever making work her parents should be making because her parents are excessively lazy and Tess feels responsible for back uping the household. The dark before Tess leaves, her parents travel away to a saloon while Tess is left at place to take attention of the household and the jobs.

Another calamity in the life of Tess Durbeyfield is her gestation by Alec. At first, one may believe it is all her mistake for acquiring pregnant, but if one takes a closer expression at the state of affairs Tess was truly in, it is rather obvious that she was, one time once more, a victim of bad luck. Tess & # 8217 ; mother ne’er educates her about some of the indispensable facts of life and Tess does non cognize what most work forces are like. In add-on, Tess & # 8217 ; selfish female parent wants her to get married Alec so that D

urbeyfield household can be financially good off. She isn’t believing about the best involvements of Tess.

The decease of Tess & # 8217 ; babe is a immense calamity. There is no manner Tess is at mistake for this calamity. She does everything that any loving female parent would make for her babe and more. It is really tragic when Angel decides he doesn & # 8217 ; t want to be with Tess any more. Angel, non Tess, is to fault for this calamity in the life of Tess. Tess forgives Angel for intentionally holding an matter. However, Angel is unable to wholly forgive Tess for being taken advantage of by Alec. If Angel, who is the greater evildoer of the two, truly loves Tess, he would non go forth her.

Tellurium can non be blamed for traveling back to Alec. It is the logical determination to do because she, fundamentally, has no pick and has non heard from Angel for a really long clip.

When Tess kills Alec, it evidently is non by accident. Tellurium seems like the lone individual to fault for the slaying because she is the 1 who stabs Alec. It is true that some incrimination should be placed on Tess for the slaying, but this was non wholly her mistake. She is non a inhuman slayer. She has lived a suffering life full of sorrow and calamity. When she learns that Alec is non her cousin and that he was incorrect for doing Tess believe that Angel would ne’er come, she takes out all her choler and defeat in an unprompted offense of passion. Tellurium is incorrect for making this, but she does non merit to be hanged.

In decision, Tess Durbeyfield is so a pure adult female who merely happens to be highly luckless either by happenstance or by destiny.