The Crucible Fight For Integrity Research Essay

The Crucible: Battle For Integrity Essay, Research Paper

Authur Millers, The Crucible takes a close expression at John Proctors, struggle between his natural workss and his construct of himself. Throughout the drama John Proctor is tormented by this struggle. He struggles against his ain failing to accomplish a position of himself that he can accept. Proctor has to get the better of enormous emotional and moral hurdlings and as a consequence his character develops into a different individual. His conflict for unity is lost many times before it is eventually won in the drama & # 8217 ; s concluding proceedingss.

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In the beginning of the drama John Proctor was nil more so an mean adult male. John was good respected in the community and fame for his honestness. Even though he is considered such an honest adult male, few know that he is guilty of criminal conversation with his old teenage servant Abigail Williams. This compromises his honestness in the eyes of his married woman and causes him to be doubted and non given the trust he deserves. This besides causes John to see himself as a evildoer and as person unworthy of the regard he is given.

After the accusals of witchery arouse, John assumes a more outstanding function in the community. He assumes a leading place in the motion to liberate Elizabeth Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, and Mrs. Corey from the prison. Although he fails in his gesture to liberate his married woman and friends from prison we see different sides to his character.

When the deposition saying Mary Warren had lied in tribunal begins to waver John displays a really aggressive and violent attitude. John, who is unnerved by the prevarication of Abigail Williams, grabs and shakes her. This displays a really bad tempered person who won & # 8217 ; t hesitate to fall back to force. This is besides shown when Ezekiel Cheever comes to collar Elizabeth Proctor and John tears up the warrant. From these events we can larn that when confronted by an issue which involves his loved 1s, he becomes aggressive, bad tempered, inmate and violent.

After his apprehension, John Proctor is presented with a really hard moral pick. This is when we witness the greatest change in his character. John needs to make up one’s mind conditions he prefers to lie and populate or to be true and dice. Because of John & # 8217 ; s

low ego regard and damaged public image he believes that the best determination is to lie and unrecorded thirster. This means that he would hold to populate in a prevarication for the remainder of his life.

John shortly adopts high moral rules and decides to be true and dice. This besides tells us that he wants salvation for his Acts of the Apostless of lecherousness with Abigail. These Acts of the Apostless inform us that John has accepted the immoralities of his wickednesss and in order to protect his ain ego regard, he will non perpetrate any more wickednesss. This signifies that he would non lie to salvage his ain life, he would instead decease so unrecorded in wickedness. This is an act of salvation.

Even though Proctor thinks that he has given himself over to evil, there are lengths to which he will non travel. He refuses to attest against any of his friends. He besides refuses to manus over a signed confession for the tribunal & # 8217 ; s utilize against his friends. Although Proctor knows he is dammed in the eyes of God, he can non bear to be dammed in the eyes of his neighbors. John gives the most climatic address of the drama, when he goes on as to how he can non subscribe his confession. & # 8220 ; Because it is my name! Because I can non hold another in my life! & # 8230 ; I have given you my psyche ; go forth me my name! & # 8221 ; ( p.143, l.22-26 ) Throughout the drama Proctor has separated his psyche from his name and his actions from his ideals. John had lost his psyche when he seduced Abigail, and his attempts to protect his name merely drove his psyche further from him.

When presented with a moral pick, John Proctor & # 8217 ; s character changed from a individual with a really low ego regard and a negative realist position on the result of his life to a individual that believed he could recover his lost honor and morality. John & # 8217 ; s decease was worthwhile. As he prepares to decease for trueness and truth, he finds a worthy reply to the inquiry he asked earlier on in the drama, & # 8216 ; What is John Proctor? & # 8217 ; Although he knows that he is no saint, he can now at least see goodness in himself. In order for John Proctor to accomplish unity, his psyche and his name must go one. In taking to decease, it was a pick and effort to perpetrate himself to his friends and decease a honorable and honest adult male which makes his decease true and justifiable. By taking decease over dishonor, he has regained his psyche.