The Fire Bird Essay

In a far off land a stealer was stealing aureate apples which had the power of confering young person and beauty from Tsar Berendey`s charming Garden. The guards of the Tsar were unable to halt this, for every bit difficult as they tried, the stealer ever got off. None of the guards could even see this stealer. The Tsar was frustrated for he needed the aureate apples for himself, as he was married to a really beautiful immature Queen.

The lone individual who spotted the stealer was the Tsar ‘s boy, Prince Ivan Tsarevich. As the dark came upon the Garden, the immature Tsarevich hid under a H2O pail and listened closely to every sound around him. At morning, the Prince about fell asleep, but the silence was broken by a charming being. The Prince pulled the H2O pail up somewhat so he could merely see through the thin gap. And there it was ; The Fire Bird.

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In the deepness of dark the Fire Bird would wing into the garden with its plumes blazing with a silvery of aureate shininess. Its eyes were reflecting like crystals and would illume the topographic point every bit brilliantly as a thousand combustion fires. The Tsarevich crawled up to the unsuspicious bird, and rushed to catch it by the tail.

The following twenty-four hours Prince Ivan told his male parent the old Tsar, about the Fire Bird. He showed his male parent the merely plume he had managed to acquire from the Bird ‘s tail. As the Bird was excessively smart and flew off. From that twenty-four hours on the Tsar was obsessed with the thought of capturing the Fire Bird for himself. In order to happen the Bird he sent his three boies on a journey to another Kingdom.

Ivan Tsarevich ‘s escapade begins when after a long twenty-four hours ‘s drive he falls asleep, merely to wake up in the forenoon

and happen his Equus caballus gone. Wondering through the forests he meets a grey wolf who confesses that he ate the Equus caballus. Grateful that Ivan had spared his life, Gray Wolf offers to allow Ivan sit on his dorsum. Grey Wolf takes Ivan to Tsar Afron ‘s land, where the Fire Bird is kept in a aureate coop inside the Tsar ‘s walled garden.

The Prince warned by the Gray Wolf to take merely the bird, and non the coop, takes the coop every bit good and triggers an dismay. Captured by Tsar Afron, he is told that in order to hold the Fire Bird he must pay for it with the Horse of the Golden Mane, which is in ownership of Tsar Kusman.

The Gray Wolf carries Ivan to Kusman ‘s castle and advises him to get the Equus caballus but non the bridle. Once once more the Prince is tempted by the gold and diamonds in the bridle, so he ignores the advice. He once more becomes captured by Kusman, who now says he will merely give him the Equus caballus in exchange for the just Princess Elena, who was shacking with Tsar Dalmat.

This clip the wolf does the work himself and prehend Elena. He brings her dorsum to Ivan and the Prince falls in love with her. The wolf offers to flim-flam Kusman by presuming Elena ‘s form and besides to flim-flam Afron excessively by presuming the signifier of the Equus caballus.

Ivan returns, with Elena, the Equus caballus and the Fire Bird, nevertheless when the wolf leaves him he is ambushed and killed by his brothers.

The wolf so returns and revives him with the Waters of Life and Death, the brothers are banished, and Ivan Tsarevich meets Tsar Berendey to state his tragic narrative. When the Tsar ‘s heartache slices, the Prince marries Elena the Fair and they lived merrily of all time after.