To Kill A Mockingbird 2 Research Essay

To Kill A Mockingbird 2 Essay, Research Paper

In To Kill a Mocking Bird, Harper Lee gives us a really elaborate description of

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Robert Ewell, his household, and how he lives.

A good illustration is the transition in which Robert Ewell testifies in the Tom

Robinson Trial. This is a description of the Ewell & # 8217 ; s place every bit good as an

penetration into the Ewells themselves. We learn what sort of a male parent Robert is

and the sort of life into which he has forced his eldest girl, Mayella.

We besides see how the county of Maycomb cruelly discriminates against the black

community even though they are more respectable than people like the Ewells.

Lee uses such item in the history of the Ewell cabin because the best manner to

understand the Ewells is to understand how they live. For illustration, she

provinces, & # 8220 ; The cabin & # 8217 ; s plank walls were supplemented with sheets of corrugated

Fe, its general form suggested it & # 8217 ; s original design: square, with four tiny

suites opening onto a scattergun hall, the cabin rested anxiously upon four

irregular balls of limestone. Its Windowss were simply unfastened infinites in the

walls, which in the summer were covered with oily strips of cheese fabrics to

maintain out the vermins that feasted on Maycomb & # 8217 ; s refuse. & # 8221 ; This description

pigments a really graphic image of the cabin and besides tells a small spot about the

Ewells themselves. From this we can deduce that the Ewells took really small ( if

any at all ) pride in their place and it & # 8217 ; s visual aspect. Later in the transition Lee

adds, & # 8220 ; What passed for a fencing was spots of tree limbs, broom handles and tool

shafts, all tipped with rusty cock caputs, shovels, axes and mooching hoes,

held on with pieces of barbed wire. & # 8221 ; By now it is evident that the lone

family repairs the Ewells make are with things they find at the shit. The

image Lee is seeking to organize of these people is made really obvious by her usage of

inside informations.

The transition besides gives rather a spot of penetration into Mr.Ewell himself. For

illustration, Lee states, & # 8220 ; The vermins had a tilt of it, for the Ewells gave the

dump a thorough gleaning every day^ ? & # 8221 ; This statement informs us that the Ewells

chief beginning of gross is form the town shit. Quite a hapless manner to maintain

1s household fed ; but what can one anticipate for an unemployed alky like

Mr.Ewell? As Lee states earlier in the transition, & # 8220 ; No hooky player officers could maintain

their legion progeny in school ; no public wellness officer could liberate them

from inborn defects, assorted worms, and diseases autochthonal to filthy

surroundings. & # 8221 ;

THIS DOES NOT CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR THESIS & gt ; However every bit awful as he is as a

male parent he serves rather a utile intent as a contrast to Atticus Finch.

Mr.Finch & # 8217 ; s loving and heed towards his kids his is made really

obvious when compared to Mr.Ewell & # 8217 ; s abusiveness and disregard.

& # 8220 ; One corner of the pace, though, bewildered Maycomb. Against the fencing, in a

line, were six chipped-enamel swill jars keeping superb ruddy geraniums, cared

for every bit tenderly as if they belonged to Miss Maudie Atkinson, had Miss Maudie


vitamin D to allow a geranium on her premises.” Mayella Ewell is the eldest of

the Ewell kids, and merely member of the Ewell household who has any pride and

sense of self-respect at all. As a consequence of that she is forced to be chief

supplier and health professional for the younger Ewell kids as Lee expresses in this

statement, & # 8220 ; Cipher was rather certain how many kids were on the topographic point. Some

people said six, others said nine ; there were ever several dirty-faced 1s

at the Windowss when anyone passed by. & # 8221 ; With all those kids to take attention

Mayella was merely able to acquire a few old ages worth of instruction, and had no clip

for any friends. After being forced into this sort of life by her male parent 1

might inquire why Mayella would desire to lie under curse on the informant base to

support his prevarications. Probably because she was afraid of what he would make to her if

she told the truth, but besides because she had been populating with the maltreatment from

him all her life, and couldn & # 8217 ; t conceive of her life being any different.

In direct contrast to the Ewells was the & # 8220 ; Negro colony some five hundred

paces beyond the Ewells. & # 8221 ; As Lee provinces, & # 8220 ; their cabins looked orderly and cubby

with pale bluish fume lifting from the chimneys and room accesss glowing gold from

the french friess inside. There were delightful odors about: poulet, bacon sauteing

chip as dusky air. Jem and I detected squirrel cookery, but it took a

existent state adult male like Atticus to place possum and coney, aromas that

vanished when we rode back past the Ewell residence. & # 8221 ; The members of the

black community lived in poorness like the Ewells, but unlike the Ewells they

managed to maintain their places neat and their kids fed.

Lee makes this comparing and so goes on the say that the Ewells are still

considered the better people in the eyes of Maycomb because as a presentation

of the sort of favoritism that is merely accepted by towns like Maycomb.

This transition besides brings up many topics that could be considered cosmopolitan

truths. For illustration, Lee states that, & # 8220 ; Every town the size of Maycomb had

households like the Ewells. No economic fluctuations changed their

position & # 8211 ; people like the Ewells lived as invitees of the county in prosperity as

good as in the deepnesss of a depression. & # 8221 ; This is true, about every topographic point has

its leaches, but I would doubt if most would be every bit hospitable as Maycomb is to

the Ewells. This transition besides implies the effects of negative parenting on

kids. If Mr.Ewell had been a better male parent his kids would hold had a

better opportunity of being functional members of society. This would be true for

any kids populating opprobrious or negligent environments.

Harper Lee & # 8217 ; s in-depth description of the Ewell house clasp leads to the

decision that even though the Mr.Ewell lived in disgusting, self-inflicted

poorness and abused and neglected his kids he was still more well-thought-of than

any of the black people in Maycomb. This is because communities like Maycomb

merely presume that because a civilization is a small spot different they are non as

good a the norm of the society.